nC-Marine: Air Purification Coating

nC Marine uses the unique photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The photo catalytically active product is formulated for air purification, odour neutralisation and self-cleaning

nC-Marine: Synavax™

Synavax™ thermal insulation coatings provide state-of-the-industry solutions for insulation, safe touch surfaces and extreme corrosion resistance. Together with nC Surface Technology BV / nC Marine,

nC-Marine: Nano Corrosion Passivator

Nano Corrosion Passivator is a dry film nano-fluid, designed to stop the corrosion process without the need for sandblasting, coating or other expensive and time-consuming

Bolier: The first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Bolier has implemented the first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI). MAI makes use of onboard and shore software to optimize costs and efficiency.

Motrac Hydraulics: An unique High Performance Electronic Controlled Hydraulic Shaft Generator for the marine market

Motrac Hydraulics is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands regarding hydraulic system solutions. After the acquisition of Hydromarine, Motrac Hydraulics developed special for

RH Marine: Advanced Hybrid and Energy Management products

RH Marine helps its customer in the transition towards a fully sustainable shipping business by offering advanced Hybrid and Energy Management products. Sustainable is more

Orcan Energy AG: The ORCAN efficiency PACK

The ORCAN efficiency PACK converts waste heat ( engine/waste steam/thermal oil) into 100 kW electricity or feeding the ship propulsion with mechanical energy and is

MeteoGroup: RouteGuard – Optimum ship routing & performance analyses

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RouteGuard is a ship routing and performance analysis service. Based on the most accurate weather information available, combined with expertise from skilled meteorologists and master

AEGIR-Marine: Air Seal PRIMAIR

Air Seal PRIMAIR is a very advanced stern tube sealing system. The air seal technology in PRIMAIR physically separates the stern tube oil from the

AEGIR-Marine: Prime Blue Water Lubricated seal

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AEGIR’s PRIME Blue assembly is a reliable, durable and proven pollution free seal system for vessels with water-lubricated bearings. This type of seal is the