Theunissen Technical Trading: Seematz LED

Seematz was the first manufacturer to offer LED based searchlights in the market. The use of LED as a light source not only reduces energy

Theunissen Technical Trading: Eltek power supply products

Both by limiting the amount of transformations and inversions of energy and the highly efficient modules, that reduce the waste of energy that results of

Theunissen Technical Trading: Glamox Aqua Signal

As much as 90 per cent of a luminaire’s impact on the environment derives from the energy consumed, whereas production, transport and recovery account for

Theunissen Technical Trading: Danfoss Semco fire-fighting systems

The mission of Danfoss Semco is to develop, produce, sell and service cost-effective fire protection components and systems which offer the highest possible safety for

Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman: The Kooiman Propellershaft Seal

The Kooiman Propellershaft Seal is compact, simple, robust and effective. This seal is most suitable for both retro-fit and new building. Combined with an integrated

SailRouter: Twice the savings of any other solution

NMT fallback image

SailRouter™ is an embedded software solution that uses already operational sensors onboard and needs just one additional, small and easy to install motion sensor to

Theunissen Technical Trading: Zenitel’s products take environmental impact into account

Most of Zenitel’s systems contribute to safety of the crew, such as the Public Address / General Alarm system which is type approved built in

Pon Power: Zembla

The Second Generation Hybrid Power Solution developed by Pon Power takes full advantage of the immense torque of the Caterpillar 3500 series. Successfully demonstrated on

Copernicos Groep: The life cycle management of assets

The Copernicos Groep offers services for the life cycle management of assets. Continuously finding the optimum balance between performance, costs and risks. This results in

Shipbuilder: The implementation of a Knowledge Base for Sustainability Requirements

Shipbuilder makes sustainable design, construction, maintenance and ultimate scrapping of a ship easy and within reach. Shipbuilder has taken the next step in the field