Frisian Industries: Fully electric or hybrid self powered machines

Frisian Industries converts diesel- and hydraulic driven self propelled travellifts, straddle carriers and other self powered machines into fully electric or hybrid machines. This results

Feadship: Glycerine marine fuel

Developments in marine fuels are on Feadships’ radar. A mix of onboard electrical storage, more shore power, sustainable carbohydrates have much potential. Investigations showed the potential

Feadship: Wave energy harvesting

Wind and tidal energy stored in both the wind driven seas and swell are a considerable potential source of clean energy. Feadship sees the rise of

Feadship: Using hybrid energy and propulsion technology

The solution of Feadship is to use hybrid energy and propulsion technology arranged to fit the operational use of a superyacht. This in combination with

Thordon Bearings: Grease free bearings

No oil or grease is used with the Thordon Bearings what results in no impact on the environment through leaked sterntube oil. This is eliminated, because

Herculan: A huge save in weight and thus fuel

Herculan developed ultra lightweight synthetic leveling compounds for ship decks to be used on many types of ships. Competitive synthetic leveling compounds normally have a

Royal IHC: Eco Control Package

Royal IHC has developed the Eco Control Package for trailing suction hopper dredgers. This automation and control system enables operators of trailing suction hopper dredger

Windschip Project: Pilot ship: Windschip I

The main goal of the Windschip Project is to build Zero CO2 ships. To reach this The Windschip Project proposes to build a pilot windship as

Theunissen Technical Trading: Parker Sea Recovery

The range of watermakers of Parker Sea Recovery are designed to meet highest demands from the point of view of crew welfare. By offering highly

Theunissen Technical Trading: The MCT Brattberg Multi Cable Transit system

The MCT Brattberg Multi Cable Transit system contributes to the safety for the crew with a passive prevention, where the ingress of water as well