Heinen & Hopman: Computational Fluid Dynamics Technology

Heinen & Hopman provides world-class quality and service in air conditioning, ventilation, central heating, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation, and have supplied over 10,000 vessels worldwide. The no-nonsense and entrepreneurial spirit of the employees who founded the family business in 1965 continues to pervade the company today. At the same time, Heinen & Hopman is renowned for thinking ahead of the curve and coming up with genuinely innovative systems and solutions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Technology

What if we could finely tune your HVAC installation to meet specific requirements before even mounting a single piece of equipment onboard your ship? Using new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, Heinen & Hopman is now doing exactly that. CFD technology is already a well-established tool in many industries. It’s had a major impact on everything from aerodynamic designs for aircraft and race cars, to predictive pollution control, to high-tech shipbuilding, just to name a few areas. Now, with CFD analysis and design services by Heinen & Hopman, it’s also reshaping maritime HVAC installations.

CFD enables Heinen & Hopman to iron out nearly any air flow problem in advance. It gives us the ability to truly replicate the effects of an installation without having to build it first. Technology like this saves time and helps keep costs under control. With CFD, we can plan our customers’ HVAC systems to the finest detail so we avoid problems before they even occur. In addition to saving time and costs during the design and installation process, CFD provides something money can’t buy: peace of mind. It’s reassuring, because it allows us to show our customers that their HVAC installation will work exactly the way they want it to.