Subsea Industries: Ecospeed

Subsea Industries produces coating and cleaning systems that keep the underwater part of your vessels in the best possible condition. They produce a non-toxic, glass flake coating in a vinyl ester base. Their washable coating, Ecospeed, is extremely tough and durable, completely non-toxic, corrosion-, cavitation- and abrasion resistant and do no damage to any marine life in contrast to classic anti-fouling coatings. Also, once your ship is coated, you’ll never have to re-coat it. Cleaning the hull will only make it smoother and thus, more fuel-efficient. The cleaning can happen under water or using high pressure water cleaning during dry-docking. For a complete cavitation and corrosion protection for your rudders, running gear, and other niche-areas, they also offer Ecoshield as a permanent solution.

Ecospeed is the first coating in the world that actually works that’s completely non-toxic. Because of this aspect, the ship’s hull has to be cleaned more often than with classic anti-fouling. But in contrast to anti-fouling paints, the hull can be cleaned over and over again without any damage to the coating. Also, because it’s non-toxic, the cleaning can happen under water in any port or area or using high pressure water cleaning during dry-docking. Because of the solidity of the material, fouling doesn’t get a good grip, so cleaning is easy and without too much effort. Subsea Industries has already won several (environmental) awards with their products.