Royal IHC: 2-speed propulsion

Reduction in fuel consumption is one of the focal points in the Royal IHC R&D programme. Several years ago, Royal IHC started measuring and analysing the operational profiles and the fuel consumption of trailing suction hopper dredgers. One of the things that stood out in this respect is that propulsion systems regularly work part-time in practice. From this insight, various solution directions have been devised to reduce fuel consumption, particularly in part load conditions.

One of the solutions is the 2-speed touring propulsion. The patented 2-speed propulsion switches to a different speed when the ship is sailing at a lower speed. The reduction in speed ensures that the engine continues to operate at a better efficiency and reduces the resistance losses of the propellers.

The 2-speed propulsion was successfully used for the first time on the trailing suction hopper dredgers SCHELDT RIVER and MINERVA. The 2-speed propulsion works both during dredging and during sailing. The 2-speed propulsion significantly reduces the fuel consumption of the trailing suction hopper dredgers. This technology contributes to the further preservation and reduction of harmful exhaust gases.