TrustLube: Xtreme Rack and Pinion

TrustLube is an innovative company that brings innovation to an industry that is perceived to be conservative. TrustLube provides a solution for a dirty, dull, dangerous but also critical part in the maintenance of heavy-duty machines in marine and offshore. TrustLube develops customized lubrication systems. As a result, the machines have longer life expectancy, the system makes the job safer and easier and uses 70% less lubricant and so prevents excess product to spill into the environment. TrustLube lubrication systems are durable, effective and efficient. They lubricate completely independent, including all parts that are poorly or not accessible to people.

TrustLube has its own range of lubricants that is non-toxic and therefore not harmful to underwater life or life on land. The hermetically sealed systems prove themselves in practice all over the world under all circumstances. Lubrication takes place unnoticed, during the production process. Ambient temperature, piping length and viscosity of the grease do not affect the dosed amount of lubricant. TrustLube systems are used in the (petro) chemical, dredging, offshore, maritime and food industry. The special stainless-steel systems defy chemical influences and are 100% (sea)water resistant and have a long lifespan.

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