With exomission, Monitrax developed a Fuel Water Emulsion technology to reduce emissions of diesel engines. That adding water to the fuel dramatically sinks both soot emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines has been scientifically proven and recognised for some time. As far as soot reduction is concerned, the best way to add water is to form an emulsion of fuel and water. With our patented Fuel Water Emulsion technology (FWE), we are practically helping diesel engines to stop smoking!

The Fuel Water Emulsion (FWE) is the most efficient technology that enables soot and nitrogen oxide emissions to be reduced at the same time: We reach a soot reduction up to 90%, a nitrogen oxide reduction up to 70% and the fuel consumption reduced between 4-8%. With FWE, Monitrax has a primary technology for the reduction of exhaust gas, which can be implemented and retrofitted on all diesel engines, regardless of whether they are prechamber/swirl chamber engines or unit injector/common rail direct injection engines. The emulsion is produced immediately before the injection pump; no intervention in the engine or the direct injection system is required.

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