Green Sea Guard: We build and supply equipment that monitors the emission of ship engines

At Green Sea Guard we build and supply equipment that monitors the emission of ship engines. The importance of analysing the exhaust emission of an engine provides a view of the performance of the engine, whether it relates to how well the engine is tuned, the fuel consumption and of course the level of harmful gases. Not only that, the information from these measurements are transmitted to our servers in real time. By using a high precision analysis system it is possible to gain an excellent picture of the engine performance. We provide two types of analysis, gases and particulates. Green Sea Guard provides a system to track ship exhaust emissions, transmitting data collected from the ship’s exhaust, and sending it to a secure server. Port Authorities and other regulators, as well as shipowners, and operators can log in and review the emissions profile of interest.

Ship-owners can also use the data to report emissions to their customers, schedule preventative maintenance and save costs. They can now provide highly accurate, specific data to customers who are interested in the carbon and other emissions in their supply chains. By measuring exhaust they are able to tune their engines, reach higher combustion efficiency and overall save fuel and this emissions.