PitPoint.LNG: LNG fixed bunkering station for ships

PitPoint.LNG will build Germany’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering station in the harbor of Cologne. The new fixed station will facilitate the bunkering of LNG powered inland waterways vessels that sail on Europe’s busiest transport waterway, the Rhine. The construction of the bunkering station is a next step in PitPoint.LNG’s strategy to develop a European LNG infrastructure to facilitate the uptake of LNG as fuel for road and marine transport.

LNG is considered as one of the most promising alternative fuels for the transition towards cleaner transport by shipping. LNG combustion is cleaner than diesel combustion, improves the local air quality (less health damage caused by particulate matter/soot or NOx) and reduces CO2 emission. LNG powered vessels help ship owners and operators meet emission standards set for shipping without requiring additional exhaust after treatment systems.

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