Royal IHC: Mechanisation of seaweed cultivation (offshore)

Through developing mechanisation solutions for seeding and harvesting cultivated seaweed, we contribute for the economic viability of seaweed cultivation, and enable the upsaling of this maritime sector. Considerable cost and time reduction have alredy been achieved even at the prototype stage. Wide cooperation in the sector is being achieved (see NRC news link) to allow the upscaling and modernisation of seaweed cultivation. Seaweed is a sustainable source for food, commodities and in the future, bio-fuels. Future cultivation at offshore wind farms adds up to a sustainable multi-use of the ocean spaces.

Seaweed is a sustainable source of marine proteins, minerals and polysacharides. It can be cultivated without the need of arable land nor fresh water. Especially in combination with fish aquaculture, a large environmental benefit can be achieved. Large scale mechanised) seaweed cultivation on coastal areas and offshore (e.g. the North Sea) will contribute to food security, renewable commodities (chemicals, paints) and bio-fuels, therefore seaweed can paly a considerable role in a sustainable maritime future.

Click here to read more about harvesting seaweed and here to see visuals of the testing period.