nC-Marine: Synavax™

Synavax™ thermal insulation coatings provide state-of-the-industry solutions for insulation, safe touch surfaces and extreme corrosion resistance. Together with nC Surface Technology BV / nC Marine, several nano-based finishes are developed, providing self-cleaning capacities, zero permeability (no water entrance) and air purifying capacities, remaining resistant to heavy chemicals. The coatings are capable of reducing a boiler surface temp from 150 C down to 50 C. Air purifying capacities: 100m² of Synavax/nC coating equals 7 full-grown trees. These coatings save space, save money (heating and airco), save health and save skin. These marine coatings bond into metals and greatly reduce maintenance and replacement costs due to their long life and the remaining possibility for visual inspection of your assets (translucent coating).

The sustainable aspects of Synavax™ are:
– Less diesel spent on heating;
– Less diesel spent on airco;
– Less environmental footprint compared to cladding and glasswool (both in production as in waste);
– Less steel renewals in tubular systems due to extreme anti-corrosion properties of the coatings;
– Low VOC, non-toxic.


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