nC-Marine: Air Purification Coating

nC Marine uses the unique photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The photo catalytically active product is formulated for air purification, odour neutralisation and self-cleaning of surfaces. Exposed to light, the coating produces oxygen radicals on the surface. The activated oxygen enables the coating to decompose organic compounds on a molecular level just by means of light. Adding specific activators to TiO2 makes that the photocatalytic reaction will take place not only at natural but also artificial light conditions. Therefore it is perfectly suited for sanitation in hygiene areas as well. nC provides both coating as integrated light systems.

Coating and light systems offer:
– Self cleaning surface, no or minimum use of cleaning agents rquired anymore;
– Sliminates bacteria, pollen, viruses, germs out of the air;
– Decomposes odours from rooms;
– Inexpensive and long-lasting: the photcatalysis does not consume itself;
– Selfcleaning glass surfaces do not require chemicals;
– Can be positioned in exhaust systems to filter air and give o² back to environment (we are looking for pilot-project here!)

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