AEGIR-Marine: Environment care

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in doing things the responsible way with care for the environment. We’re not alone in this world that we borrow from our children. We think a civilization is defined by the way we take care of each other and our environment. It, therefore, goes without saying that we reserve a part of our profits to invest in the world we live in.

AEGIR-Marine installed a heat pump that is used for heating and cooling of the building. They also use natural light in the workshop as much as possible. The roof lights are equipped with sun trackers, to make maximum use of natural light.

AEGIR-Marine is growing and therefore needs to expand, so they just started the new building of an extra office. In this office they also install a heat pump and roof lights, and this building will also be equipped with many solar panels. Besides this they use recycled cleaning cloths, they have a paper-policy and they have chosen for real green electricity. However, the amount of flying hours makes their ecological footprint not so pretty. AEGIR Marine has, therefore, joined a KLM bio-fuel project. This means they will at least compensate their air miles.

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