AEGIR-Marine: Corporate Social Responsibility

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in helping others. We’re not alone in this world that we borrow from our children. AEGIR’s vision is to think a civilization is defined by the way we all take care of each other and our environment. It, therefore, goes without saying that AEGIR reserves a part of their profits to invest in charities and the world we live in.

The money AEGIR earmarks for good causes is managed by a CSR committee that is only composed of staff members. In order to decide where the money will be allocated, some criteria are set up. A project should involve youngsters, have a start and an end and be open to more involvement than just giving money. Of course there’s always room for a project that is somewhat different, like the work they did on the hospital ship Africa Mercy. This very special project is supported by donating parts and reducing AEGIR’s service rates. AEGIR also approached other parties to join in and their own staff donated many hours of their leave. The building of a school in Gambia, building by youngsters of a wooden vessel ‘the Krommerijnder’ and Sailing Kids are also good examples of projects.

AEGIR wants to feel committed and provide a better future.

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