GE: The COGES design

GE accomplished to deploy its COmbined Gas turbine Electric and Steam (COGES) system on fast ferries, LNG carriers and container ships. The COGES design features a dual fuel LM2500-family gas turbine capable of operating on various fuels including LNG or marine gas oil. The compact design of the system allows more space for additional cargo or passengers. GE’s marine engines are “aeroderivative” meaning they are based on the CF6 series of engines that power thousands of airplanes. The COGES arrangement is fully 80% lighter and 30% smaller than comparable two-stroke diesels. In addition, the system offers lower life cycle costs.

The COGES system provides for all power and propulsion. GE’s COGES system offers low emissions to meet IMO Tier III and US EPA Tier 4 regulations, with no exhaust treatment or methane slip. Commercial ship operators adopting dual-fuel operating scenarios to meet new emissions regulations will like this flexibility to switch fuels “on the fly” with no interruption in ship service. GE also offers an optional Dry Low Emissions combustion technology. In addition to being lighter and smaller, the COGES system offers negligible lubricating oil consumption, with no pilot fuel or exhaust treatment required.