Holland Container Innovations: 4FOLD

4FOLD is the first 40ft HC foldable container in the world that successfully has passed all required ISO tests. Unfolded it is exactly the same like a standard container. When empty it can be folded to a quarter of the height. Four folded containers can be bundled and has exactly the same dimensions as a standard container. Due to imbalances in trade between the different continents, ocean carriers continuously have to reposition their empty containers resulting in an annual cost of €25 billion. 4FOLD is currently in use around the world by several transport companies.

On average 20% of the containers transported on sea, and 40% transported on land are empty. This economic inefficiency cuts into shipping lines profitability and increases unfavorable greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions. 4FOLD has the potential to greatly improve efficiency in container transport. 4FOLD will result in lower transport costs for repositioning, storage and ship handling. Calculations have shown a possible increase of the shipping lines’ profit margin of 600%, corresponding to savings up to 25% on the operational costs and 27% on the total CO2 emissions of the container transport at sea.