Cirkellab: Combine Circular Opportunities with Market Conditions

In her activities concerning the Economic Opportunities in Circular Economy for the Drecht Cities Maritime Delta, Cirkellab published an intermediate-report combining economic circumstances in 5 different maritime subsectors with the relevant circular approach. The transition to a circular economy takes place in different dimensions: design, innovation, choice of materials, recycling, repair, refitting and remanufacturing to extend the life of products, parts and installations or give them a second life in a different application. And there are big differences in economic context in the maritime subsectors as to which approach is relevant for business today to take firm ground in the sector – and realise the associated materials- and energy-savings.

Cirkellab stimulates, creates and connects in the transition to a regional, circular economy. Investigating, supporting and initiating businesscases on resource efficiency, remanufacturing and sustainability. This action-research for the Drecht Cities Maritime Delta aims to initiate, collect and promote circular busisnesscases as economic opportunities for the sector, by the end of 2016. Please contact us to join, at