VAF Instruments: IVY®

IVY® is VAF Instruments’ software solution for fleet and ship propulsion performance management. From ship to shore, IVY® provides a relevant overview of the performance of a fleet as a whole. IVY® enriches big data for powerful analysis, fleet and ship performance visualization and insight into the relevant data and KPIs via the IVY® dashboard, which is available on any device with an internet connection.

Managing a fleet comes with numerous responsibilities and challenges. When it comes to fleet management, optimizing fleets’ performance is key. Fleet Performance Management is not only driven by cost-effective goals and decisions. In addition, reducing environmental impact is high on the agenda. IVY®, VAF Instruments’ software solution for Propulsion Performance Management, provides important input to enable fleet owners to optimizing ships’ performance for energy efficiency, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

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