University of Twente: Solar Boat Twente

Solar Boat Twente is creating a boat fully driven by solar energy. This boat will take part in the Eneco Zonnebootrace and the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge 2017. The whole project is solely performed by enthusiastic students from the University of Twente. Their aim is to finish in the top-3 of the race, but also to get business in touch with technical students from this university. The races have some regulations about the dimensions of boat and solar deck, so what the students are doing is developing the optimal design within the imposed rules.

With the boat, the students want to make a high tech application of renewable energy, to make the opportunities of solar energy visible for non-technical people too. The goal is to innovate in the interface between sustainability and technology. By challenging other teams, the project also tries to improve the whole solar boat world so that all boats are getting more and more efficient.

The University of Twente hopes that in the near future the best ideas can be applied in the whole maritime industry, to make this branch a bit more sustainable.