UniBallast: In-Port Ballast Water Management

UniBallast has developed a concept for In-Port Ballast Water Management using mobile ballast water reception and treatment points in ports all over the world. Barges, moving around in port and even outside the port on open sea, collect ballast water from vessels for treatment. When full, barges pump the water into a closed port basin or tanks of a bulk carrier outfitted with a treatment system. It allows vessels to quickly discharge their ballast water and continue their journey. Ship owner’s responsibility ends immediately after discharge and vessels are no longer required to wait for actual treatment and IMO/USCG required holding times for discharge.

The spread of invasive aquatic species through shipping is acknowledged as one of the major threats to the marine environment and public health. In-Port Ballast Water Management helps prevent the transfer of invasive aquatic species. It offers both ports and vessels a way to meet IMO/USCG ballast water discharge standards. Additionally the available treated ballast water in ports can be reused for intake of ballast water by vessels. The most pure and simple sustainable solution for ballast water management.

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