Wärtsilä Netherlands: Inline scrubber system

Wärtsilä has developed two kinds of standard scrubber designs to better meet the demands of the customers. Wärtsilä can offer the conventional venturi scrubber design, as well as the more compact inline scrubber system. Both scrubber designs have benefits and drawbacks dependent on vessel type and layout, so it’s important to look at the specific project needs. Both designs can be utilized for open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubber systems.

Wärtsilä’s inline scrubber system operates as a conventional Wärtsilä scrubber with the exception that the exhaust gas flow enters directly from the bottom. The Wärtsilä inline system is designed for one scrubber per engine, thus saving space and providing operational flexibility. Wärtsilä has an unrivalled reference list, and data from operational exhaust gas cleaning units confirm sulphur oxide gas removal in excess of 98%. This means that with a Wärtsilä SOx scrubber system installed, vessels are ECA compliant and the systems provide unparalleled reductions in harmful ship emissions.

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