Curve Works: Adaptive mould

The design and build of unique composite boat structures on a budget is now a possibility. Curve Works uses an automated adaptive mould, which configures itself directly from 3D CAD drawings, into the desired form. The traditional route of plug – mould – part production is therefore reduced to simply the part production. Singly and doubly curved panels, from foam cores for the hull to composite hatches, are produced to a high surface quality, quickly, efficiently and most importantly, affordably.

Curve Works specialises in production of plastic and fibre-reinforced plastic (composite) parts. The use of the adaptive mould eliminates the materials and energy that is associated with plugs and moulds, from the production flow. Last-minute changes or iterations on design can be immediately implemented, making for a more flexible process than the current state of the art. Implementing plastic-based materials in boats and ships results in weight savings and therefore to reduction in fuel consumption. It is Curve Works’ vision that in reducing the cost of prototyping or one-offs, there will be increased uptake of composite materials in the maritime sector.