Bolier: The first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Bolier has implemented the first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI). MAI makes use of onboard and shore software to optimize costs and efficiency. The onboard software acquires data from multiple data sources, qualifies the ‘right’ data and facilitates onboard analytics for optimization. With the shore web-based software the data & analytics can be accessed, analyzed and used to identify issues prior to failure, defer maintenance and optimize fuel consumption. The more vessels are equipped with MAI, the more accurate and detailed analyses can be made and the more beneficial results will become.

MAI increases sustainability because not only the engine parameters are measured, but also the accompanying factors such as lube oil & fuel parameters, lube oil & fuel separators as well as fuel consumption. Together the various factors that are measured determine the behavior of the vessel and consequently the usage costs. MAI becomes even more beneficial when the data of several vessels or even fleets are being compared. Optimal costs can therefore be reached. The more data, the better the optimization.

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The highest quality level rated by Classification society Germanischer Lloyd

Optimal communication between the diesel engine and the SCR package

Boiler is part of the Pon Power Group. The Pon Power Group consists of well known Dutch companies that are related to power generation and/or distribution. The companies cover a wide range of innovative products for the marine industry. The Group represents, among other, diesel- and gas engines from Caterpillar, MaK, EMD and MAN, and incorporates packaging by Topec and electrical integration by Bakker Sliedrecht. The Pon Power group can deliver from retail products to fully integrated solutions.

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