MME Group: Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (ICAF)

Marine fouling (growth of barnacles, mussels algae, etc)  in seawater cooling systems and box coolers is a threat to the performance and therefore the efficiency of ships and offshore installations. MME Group’s ICAF-systems slowly dissolve a copper anode, releasing a small amount of copper into the seawater, which locally prevents fouling.

The ICAF-systems systems contribute to sustainability in the following ways:

  • Guarantee maximum efficiency of the ship’s cooling and firefighting systems
  • Prevent downtime of systems
  • No release of chemicals as with dosing systems
  • Substantially lower energy consumption than electro-chlorination systems and less corrosive

A new European Union Law, BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) as part of the EU Biocides Regulation (528/2012), entered into force from 1st September 2015. Owners and operators that use Copper Anodes for Anti-Fouling in their ships or vessels in the European Union and its Water, are obliged to buy and/or use systems from suppliers that are included in the Article 95 list for the Product Type 11 (Copper) to which the product belongs. Recently, Thanks to the resources within MME Group, they have been able to contribute to this development, and were added to this list, making MME Group the only Dutch legally authorised supplier of ICAF systems and replacement copper anodes for all such systems.

Nothing is more valuable than life. Both human life and that of our planet. MME Group provides products and services that enable companies and individuals to safeguard the long term integrity of their assets and in doing so, protect the lives of those involved with them: “A Longer Life”.

This is how MME Group’s innovative products and services contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry:

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Non-Destructive Marine Testing and Inspection

Laboratories & Corrosion Engineering capabilities