WRS Group: An innovative solution to ship hull fouling based on ultrasonic

The concept CleanShip is a 2 year European research collaboration for developing a methodology based on ultrasonics for fouling detection and prevention in the marine environment. WRS Group and Sofchem are together innovative partners in this project and are supported by Lloyd’s Register and Brunel University London. The equipment development has been completed successfully and the results of the field tests are better than anyone could ever expect.

The technology CleanShip uses an innovative ultrasound technology to excite an entire ship hull with sufficient ultrasound energy to prevent biological fouling on the hull. Monitoring the actual fouling on the hull to minimize periodic dry docking. This approach permits continuous protection of the hull.

This technology allows to make considerable savings. The benefits are:
– Ultrasound prevents/slows down fouling
– Suppresses frequent hull cleaning requirement
– Reduced maintenance costs, no need to invest in anti-fouling paint and manpower
– Reduces fuel consumption and operating costs
– Lowers marine pollution and CO2 emissions
– Economy and environmentally friendly hand in hand
– Suitable for any hull and efficient on steel, aluminum and fiberglass

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