Royal IHC: The world’s first LNG powered trailing suction hopper dredgers

Royal IHC and DEME are building the world’s first LNG powered trailing suction hopper dredgers. The ambition to reduce exhaust gas emissions and the search to sustainable powering of dredging vessels has led Royal IHC and DEME to LNG. The integration of Dual Fuel engines and an LNG fuel system in a hopper dredger has proven to be a very complex puzzle, especially with regards to LNG storage and the additional safety regulations that have to be taken into account. Despite all sorts of difficulties, this puzzle has been solved and Royal IHC is now building the first LNG powered hopper dredgers.

The dredging industry is faced with a huge challenge to reduce exhaust gas emissions drastically. From all the options that are now available and feasible, LNG is the most sustainable solution. Sulphur and particulate matter emissions are more or less eliminated with LNG. Nitrogen emissions are reduced significantly and CO2 reduction is reduced by approx 25%. Given the high energy request of dredging vessels, fuel is the highest contributor to CO2 emissions for dredging companies. Switching to LNG therefore boosts the sustainability performance of dredging companies.

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