Royal IHC: FiTS

The introduction of the FiTs is a huge step towards combining a sustainable installation method with the demand for clean ‘green energy’. The FiTs ensures low risk, efficient, accurate and safe installation of monopiles, which still serve as the most cost-effective sub structure/foundation for offshore wind turbines with respect to the environment. Offering high accuracy and speed, monopiles with diameters of up to 8.2 metres (bottom diameter) can be installed, enabling European governments to meet the energy goals as set for 2020 and beyond in the recent Paris convention. An impressive 350 monopiles have already been installed, and the FiTs ensures the monopile remains the most cost-efficient foundation type in reaching deeper waters and installing larger turbines.

The FiTs is the only proven technology for noise mitigation during pile driving and complies with current international noise mitigation legislation, including the strictest German regulations in place for all German offshore wind projects. The FiTs provides added value when installing monopiles by:
– Eliminating installation risks
– Improving safety (less manual handling and hands on deck)
– Speeding up installation
– Increasing accuracy with respect to GPS position, inclination and heading
– Lengthening the weather window for installation
– Boosting operational crane performance by eliminating the load reducing dynamic application factor (DAF)
– Conforming to strict noise mitigation legislation in Germany, and other upcoming EU regulations
– Offering a protective barrier against oil spillages (in case of hydraulic default)

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