Keppel Verolme: EKOMMODATION – Energy-saving offshore accommodations

Offshore accommodations work reliably worldwide, however their on-board yearly energy consumption exceeds that of modern on-shore buildings by a factor 10 – 40. Addressing simultaneously total costs and environmental impact, a set of validated calculation and simulation tools has been developed at Keppel Verolme R&D. This in-house toolset and knowledge enable a reliable and detailed assessment of the energy consumption in the offshore accommodation block. Consumption reduction can then be implemented using a palette of available technologies, tailored to each project. Keppel Verolme’s established network of system providers ensures installation within time and budget up to Keppel standards.

Yearly energy savings around 40% are achievable with off-the-shelf technologies at an extra cost <5% of the accommodation block CAPEX, with a payback time <5 years. Less energy use means less power needed, improving the environmental footprint. Also, at an estimated yearly cost of energy in the accommodation of € 5-10 k per person, a notable cost reduction is realised. The EKOMMODATION concept is offered as a consultancy service, suitable for in-house newbuilds and retrofits, as well as for projects realised by third parties.