Damen Shipyards Group: EcoLiner

Damen’s EcoLiner is an LNG fuelled inland shipping vessel designed to substantially reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. A powerful combination of proven technology and innovation, the EcoLiner can reduce fuel usage by up to 25%. A modular design and location of the LNG installation aft of the accommodation mean that the vessel can be configured to transport any type of commodity, including containers and dry bulk. The EcoLiner was developed with funding from the EU-supported LNG Masterplan for the Rhine-Main-Danube part of the Trans-European Network Programme, which promotes LNG as a fuel and cargo for the inland navigation industry.

Every part of the EcoLiner has been designed to reduce fuel consumption – by as much as 25%. The ACEs air lubricated hull contributes as much as 15% of this. The power management system of four LNG generator sets ensures optimal engine loads for additional reduction in fuel consumption. The LNG fueling substantially reduces CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate emissions. A key feature is the EcoLiner’s use of Van der Velden Marine Systems’ innovative retractable FLEX tunnel thruster. The thruster retracts for the 85% of time that the vessel is in deep water, substantially reducing resistance in the water.

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