Damen Shipyards Group: BlueTEC Tidal Turbine platform

Damen, along with a group of other leading partners active in the offshore industries, has realised the development of BlueTEC, a floating tidal energy platform. The first example is currently in operation off the Dutch coast close to the island of Texel. BlueTEC, an innovative design based on a Damen modular platform, generates clean electricity from the tides and feeds it into the power grid. Such a method offers a predicable supply of energy, based on tidal consistency. The platform currently carries a 100kW turbine, but is a stepping stone to further development, which will see larger platforms in the future.

BueTEC offers the means to generate clean electricity from the tides. Its modular nature ensures that it is not only extremely cost-effective, but also that it can be transported easily anywhere in the world. Installation is also straightforward, with no recourse to a heavy-lift operation. All of this makes the platform very appealing for use in the most remote of locations – locations that will now have the opportunity to switch from more polluting forms of energy generation for a far cleaner, more predicable method.

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