VABO Composites: Saving on both weight and maintenance

Accedoo ship doors and hatches are lightweight high-end composite products and are a perfect example of saving on both weight and maintenance. For example, the weight of a door of 1800 x 650 is 41kg including the coaming and locking system. All doors and hatches are “plug and play” including locking system and coaming, this means they are pre-assembled in the factory and ready to install.

The required mechanical tests are performed by NLR (Dutch Aerospace composite lab) and witnessed by Veritas. All watertight doors are tested in-house before shipment, these tests are also witnessed and certified by Veritas. Fire doors have a rating of B30, tested according to the IMO standard (tested at Efectis Netherlands). Van Capelle tested in sound damping for the doors, this is 38dB across the entire frequency range.

By using composite, weight is saved compared to steel or aluminum. This weight saving leads to less fuel consumption. From a maintenance point of view, repainting every several years becomes obsolete and also the pivot points do not need grease or lubrication.

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