TNO Maritime & Offshore: On board monitoring of emission aboard inland waterway vessels

On board monitoring (OBM) uses sensors and measurement equipment to monitor the performance of vessels. The results can be shown to the operators, captains, and planners in real time, or the data can be logged and consulted at a later stage. By showing the engine performance and the emissions of the vessel, the operator can gain new insights into the effects of his/her own practices. This enables the operators to learn what the impact of behavior is on fuel consumption and can help identify operational aspects that deserve special attention.

The data collected through OBM can be used for advanced route planning and improved sailing techniques. OBM gives insights into real-world emissions both for CO2 and for pollutant emissions such as NOX and PM. This provides insights in the effect of different solutions and can help ship owners to create an optimized operational profile that together with small other interventions such as fuel additives can lead to low pollutant levels. First results show that reduction of CO2 emissions of 15% is possible.

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