Thordon Bearings: Grease free bearings

No oil or grease is used with the Thordon Bearings what results in no impact on the environment through leaked sterntube oil. This is eliminated, because Thordon Bearings uses water to lubricate. No grease from rudder bearings (self lubricating, can run dry) or deck machinery can get into the environment any more as greasing is not required. By using these bearings the possibility of oil and grease getting into the environment is eliminated which results in a cleaner sea and no risk for the vessel, owner/operator and crew.

Several products of Thordon Bearings are grease free:
– Oil and Grease free bearings for the marine industry
– Water lubricated propeller shafts bearings for commercial ships (diameters upto 1200mm)
– Grease free bearings for rudders
– Grease free bearings for FPSO turrets
– Grease free bearings for deck machinery