Windschip Project: Pilot ship: Windschip I

The main goal of the Windschip Project is to build Zero CO2 ships. To reach this The Windschip Project proposes to build a pilot windship as cheaply as possible, to be financed by a private company supported by government if necessary. After a number of round voyages, the market, the hull, rigging and used material will have to be re-examined, whereupon a large number of ships are to be built across the globe in order to reach the main objective: reduce of pollution in sea transport.

The Windschip Project its main objective is the reduce of pollution in sea transport. Realization of this objective will be done by designing a modern freighter under sail: the windship. A windship is the rightful successor to the last ships that sailed the seven seas under power of sail alone during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.