Theunissen Technical Trading: Zenitel’s products take environmental impact into account

Most of Zenitel’s systems contribute to safety of the crew, such as the Public Address / General Alarm system which is type approved built in accordance with SOLAS emergency systems. Another example: even when the complete power onboard a vessel or platform fails, the Vingtor sound powered system from Zenitel still functions loud and clear.

For many years Zenitel focussed more explicitly on the development of new products, many new products have been launched to the market ever since. In the design of these products, environmental impact is taken into account. For example, the new and efficient amplifier EXIGO, it operates with a very efficient energy conversion module, that results in a minimum of heat dissipation and maximum energy efficiency. Many of the new products in the Zenitel line are also available as an IP-based version. Depending on the system set-up, an IP-based system can significantly save on cabling, thus reducing the environmental impact. Zenitel also offers a complete set of network hardware to build a network, which can be used for many other applications, stimulating further onboard efficiency.

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