Theunissen Technical Trading: Seematz LED

Seematz was the first manufacturer to offer LED based searchlights in the market. The use of LED as a light source not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimises maintenance time. The need to interchange a light bulb frequently, also in harsh conditions, is eliminated and adds to the crew welfare and safety.

All Seematz products are renowned for their robustness and extremely long service. At the same time, the availability of spare parts for searchlights over 15 years old is secured, thus preventing early replacement of the complete searchlight. The manufacturer, as well as TTT, also offer repair services on site or in the workshop, in the odd event needed, to ensure the long lifetime of the products. A practical example of a product feature, that contributes to the environment, is the option of focus control on a XBO xenon searchlight. The focus control allows the original narrow beam of the far reaching xenon light to be de-focused, thus allowing the long-distance searchlight to be also used as a man-over-board searchlight at the same time. This makes a second searchlight superfluous.

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