Theunissen Technical Trading: The MCT Brattberg Multi Cable Transit system

The MCT Brattberg Multi Cable Transit system contributes to the safety for the crew with a passive prevention, where the ingress of water as well as the spread of gas or fire from one room to another is effectively blocked.

The MCT Brattberg standard insert block system is designed to exactly match each diameter of any cable or pipe to be sealed. For that reason, no waste material is created during the application of the cable transit system. The system is built from natural materials: steel frames and rubber parts, which are completely halogen-free, and a 100% natural lubricant to ensure complete gas and water tightness of the seal. Any MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit has a modular construction, in case of necessary changes or additions of cables or pipes, the system can largely be re-used. The MCT Brattberg system, as it is built with natural and durable materials, has a life span of many decades (effective life length of minimum 25 years).

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