Theunissen Technical Trading: Eltek power supply products

Both by limiting the amount of transformations and inversions of energy and the highly efficient modules, that reduce the waste of energy that results of conversion into heat, the Eltek power supply products contribute to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of their users.

Theunissen offers the complete assortment of Eltek rectifiers. The latest range of rectifiers operate at a 96,5% efficiency, herewith reducing the energy losses by more than 50% compared to the industry standard. Today, close to 2.000.000 units are in operation, saving an estimated 1,250 TWh. The total energy savings by customers worldwide already have resulted in a reduction of the carbon footprint with 900.000 tons of CO2. The new Rectiverter, introduced 2016, offers even more efficiency within a power distribution system, as the Rectiverter is a combined rectifier and inverter in one. Based on the Rectiverter, a much smaller, space saving and cost efficient and power efficient power supply is offered, which includes multiple redundancy and a very quick recharging of batteries.

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