Theunissen Technical Trading: Danfoss Semco fire-fighting systems

The mission of Danfoss Semco is to develop, produce, sell and service cost-effective fire protection components and systems which offer the highest possible safety for human beings and reduces the damage to properties and other assets to an absolute minimum.

The Danfoss Semco fire -fighting systems clearly contribute to a safer working environment. Danfoss Semco has good reasons to focus on water mist as the main extinguishing medium for their scope of fire-fighting systems. Watermist is not only effective in extinguishing any fire, it is harmless to people and can be used when people are still in the same area. At the same time, water mist causes no damage to electrical equipment (test have been performed with IP23 equipment and even in data centres). Of course, the use of Watermist will not have any negative consequences for the environment in terms of pollution.

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