Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman: The Kooiman Propellershaft Seal

The Kooiman Propellershaft Seal is compact, simple, robust and effective. This seal is most suitable for both retro-fit and new building. Combined with an integrated rope cutter, this seal warrants an excellent protection of the shaft against accumulation of sand, dirt, rust, etc.

A commonly known problem, the leaking propellershaft seal. Years of experience in installing and repairing existing brands of propellershaft seals have inspired Kooiman to develop such themselves. The aft seal has an integrated rope cutter, resulting in a very short installation length. This rope cutter in fact forms the housing of the outer seals. The space between the rope cutter and the fixed part of the housing on the propeller shaft tube, will be filled with grease. With this grease buffer and the extra outer seals, compared to existing seals in the market, oil spills are nearly completely avoided and the propeller shaft will not get in touch with (salt) water. The created labyrinth avoids wires to reach the inner seals.

Another advantage is that it is a self-contained seal, without additional air- or other connections with related sensitive piping controls, etc. Also the propeller shaft seal is able to absorb thermal axial and radial expansion of the shaft. In addition, the greasing connection at the top and bottom of the aft seal allow for measuring the clearance using a poker gauge. Kooiman Propellershaft Seals generally consist of stock components, while the remaining parts can be fabricated in-house upon request. The seals have been made of high quality materials, such as bronze, stainless steel bushings with hardened top layer and Viton rubber lip seals.

Approval of the seals by the classification society is in progress.

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