SailRouter: Twice the savings of any other solution

SailRouter™ is an embedded software solution that uses already operational sensors onboard and needs just one additional, small and easy to install motion sensor to measure actual ship motions. From these motions the in-house developed machine learning algorithm SailRouter™ recognizes sea waves by using an online or offline connection. In doing so SailRouter™ is the only solution that offers full insight into real-world ship performances which – when the optimised route is followed- will result in reduced fuel consumption of at least 10%.

SailRouter™ uses solution that can recognize sea waves during navigation and combines these with historical ship performance data in order to continuously optimize the voyage planning. It offers an all in one solution where both functionalities are included: ship speed optimisation and optimal route calculation. Since each of these functionalities enables up to 5% of fuel savings, SailRouter™ offers up to 10% which is twice the savings of any other solution.