Herculan: A huge save in weight and thus fuel

Herculan developed ultra lightweight synthetic leveling compounds for ship decks to be used on many types of ships. Competitive synthetic leveling compounds normally have a specific weight of 1.0-1.5 kg/ltr. which means that 5 mm weighs 5-7.5 kg per m2. Our Herculan PC 0760 IMO F with a specific weight of only 0.76 kg/ltr weighs in a thickness of 5 mm weighs just 3.8 kg/m2. So, per m2 the difference is at least 1.2 kg.

The weight difference means that ships with Herculan PC 0760 on their decks make a difference in fuel consumption. For example, on a cruise liner every 1000 m2 means a difference is weight of 1200 kg per 5 mm. This is a huge save in weight and thus fuel. Every day again!

Further on, the Herculan synthetic polyurethanes are made of resins refined from a biological source combined with natural fillers.

Herculan certified their Herculan Eco Teak at Ecospecifier, an Australian material certification company for building materials operating worldwide. Herculan Eco Teak is a synthetic which looks like teak but with better properties like cleanability, fire proof according to IMO, longer lasting and above all it keeps the teak forest in Burma as it is.

All Herculan raw material suppliers are located at no more than 200 km from the Herculan production plant so the amount of CO2 due to transport is minimalized.

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