Shipbuilder: The implementation of a Knowledge Base for Sustainability Requirements

Shipbuilder makes sustainable design, construction, maintenance and ultimate scrapping of a ship easy and within reach. Shipbuilder has taken the next step in the field of maritime sustainability with the implementation of a Knowledge Base for Sustainability Requirements in their software. In the Knowledge Base, Shipbuilder users can easily enter or import the sustainability requirements for the design, construction or refit of a ship. The software checks whether the ship continues to comply with the sustainability requirements – from a proposal to a design, and from a design to the construction.

The Shipbuilder Knowledge Base is an overview of all sustainability requirements which can be dedicated to any contract. Examples are environmental or energy management standards like ISO 14001 or 50001 or requirements regarding the use of materials. The advantage is that the software enables to bring all sustainability requirements together and at the same time make them available in their context to all users for the project as a whole. Shipbuilder software gives a sustainability yardstick for the whole project. If a client opts for a cheaper version of an engine with greater emissions, the software will indicate if this choice fits within the sustainability requirements.

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