Pon Power: Zembla

The Second Generation Hybrid Power Solution developed by Pon Power takes full advantage of the immense torque of the Caterpillar 3500 series. Successfully demonstrated on the Zembla the total installed power is lowered with about 25%. When sailing in electric mode the power is supplied by the generator equipped with emission reduction technology. The generator is running in optimal load with good fuel consumption and optimal functioning after treatment system. Fuel consumption is reduced when sailing diesel direct. Since the higher thermal load on the engine a gain in fuel consumption of about 3% is achieved.

Due to the well-known torque capabilities of the 3500 series the system operates at maximum 1.600 rpm which lowers operating costs by reducing wear. The robust system has a synchronous e-motor in the shaft line that can be used as a generator. This reduces the need of having a generator running during sailing and manouvering. The addition of the e-motor improves the uptime of the vessel as well. The hybrid system give the operator the tool to select lowest emissions or highest efficiency at the lowest cost of ownership with the highest uptime.


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Pon Power is part of the Pon Power Group. The Pon Power Group consists of well known Dutch companies that are related to power generation and/or distribution. The companies cover a wide range of innovative products for the marine industry. The Group represents, among other, diesel- and gas engines from Caterpillar, MaK, EMD and MAN, and incorporates packaging by Topec and electrical integration by Bakker Sliedrecht. The Pon Power group can deliver from retail products to fully integrated solutions. 

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