Copernicos Groep: The life cycle management of assets

The Copernicos Groep offers services for the life cycle management of assets. Continuously finding the optimum balance between performance, costs and risks. This results in minimum use of resources and contributes to safe and environmental friendly maritime operations. Maritime operations are dynamic i.e. the operations themselves and the circumstances in which they take place vary a lot during the asset’s life cycle. Asset Dynamics is a system dynamics modelling solution to explore different scenario’s, to become aware of their possible consequences and to support decision making by balancing required performance against minimum environmental load and costs.

Maritime operations is a complex arena of a lot of parameters which have to be taken into account. Further more there is a high level of dynamics in it; parameters influence each other, values of parameters vary in time, and even the way parameters influence each other may vary in time.

Our Asset Dynamics modelling solution assists in making people/decision makers aware of the sustainability of there planned operations:
– what is the expected environmental load (in parameters like COx, SOx over a period (e.g. life time of asset) or per day/year)
– what is the expected use of resources (in parameters like fuel consumption, energy use/production

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