Hoekman Shipbuilding and Padmos: A revolutionary, innovative and sustainable trawler

Hoekman Shipbuilding B.V. and Padmos B.V. have designed and build a revolutionary, innovative and sustainable trawler. The special hull design is like the shape of a whale: a sharp bow in the front, a big belly for the fishhold in the middle and a strong tail/propellor at the stern. These lines gives her a lot lesser resistance, more propulsion power to tow the nets and good stability and sailing speed. The vessel is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion plant which comprise a 625 kVA generatorset and a e-motor of 400 kW, direct coupled to the shaft and a 3-blade propellor inside a 3000 mm nozzle. The vessel can handle the harsh conditions of the North Sea and uses the twinrigg method to catch the fish.

The vessel has a average fuel consumption of 7000 ltrs per fishingtrip of 100 hours, this is in comparison with the former beamtrawlers about 75% lesser. No reduction gearbox is fitted between the e-motor and the propellorshaft, so the efficiency of the propulsion power is a lot better than in the conventional way. The heat of the cooling water of the generatorsets is transferred to a insulated water tank with a capacity of 5000 ltrs, a so called “heat-battery”. The whole accomadation will be heated by the hot water that is in the tank. Even when the vessel is tied up for the weekend there is sufficient hot water in the “heat-battery” to create a nice temperature onboard. All lighting is LED and a powermanagement system monitors and controls the powerconsumption 24 hours a day.