Eefting Energy: Measure to improve

Eefting Energy designs, manufactures, delivers and installs Fuel and Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Display systems. The systems display all the necessary fuel and energy efficiency information real time and in an intuitive manner to the ship’s crew. This allows for immediate corrective actions which significantly increases efficiencies and reduces operational costs. As the ships officer sees the results of his actions on the fuel and energy efficiency, the awareness is brought to a higher level.

The data generated by the systems is automatically send to shore by e-mail or direct over the internet, where it is made available in a powerful online monitoring and analysis software package. Quick fleet overviews as well as in depth performance analysis and comparison tools gives the operational staff insight in voyage performances and settings, respectively the technical staff  in ships performance and condition. Various reporting functionalities complying with IMO regulations are available with the package

Together with customers the above products and services contribute significantly to the reduction of Green House Gas Emissions. Some 150 systems are in operation on ships from various renowned shipping companies to their full satisfaction. The cost saving on the fuel oil bill gives short return on investments.