TKF: Corporate Social Responsibility certification

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming the subject of discussion in the commercial sector. Whereas efficiency and cost savings were initially the reasons for sustainable entrepreneurship, the focus is now on attitude and behaviour. TKF has been well aware of its social responsibility for sustainability for years. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore one of TKF’s strategic and future-oriented key areas.

Based on the certification, TKF demonstrates its policy and ambitions in this area. This also includes various areas of interest, such as the social aspect of entrepreneurship and constant attention to the environment and climate. Therefore, TKF expressly sees CSR as an internal and external area that merits specific action. TKF is certified according to: ISO 9001 – Quality ISO 14001 (Environment) – CSR performance level 3 (CSR) – OHSAS 18001 (working conditions, health, safety, welfare and sickness absence).

At this moment TKF is the first and only cable manufacturer certified for all management systems combined. “We continuous pursuit a high service level and quality standards. In close consultation with several key customers TKF is taking next steps in the context of circular economy”, TKF BV.

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