Siemens: SISHIP SGM Shaft generator

The SISHIP SGM Shaft generator with motor function SISHIP SGM is the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly optimized solution for hybrid ships main drives, incorporating motor and generator-driven operation. Interacting with an efficient main drive system, it helps you to reach your goals, namely: meeting your sailing schedule, safe operation, reduced maintenance and better flexibility.

The drive system is a shaft generator which operated both as motor or generator and is automatically adapted to suit the requirements in hand by a higher-level power management system. This is said to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the power generation process as well as reduce wear on the main drive and the auxiliary generators. The generator is mounted directly on the propeller shaft without gears and affects it directly. At low main engine load, it operates as a generator in power take-off (PTO) mode to supply the electric mains.

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